BE LEGAL – Abolition for foreigners


As of 01.01.2012 new provisions will enable foreigners to legalise their stay in Poland.
Abolition will be available for foreigners staying illegally in Poland on 01.01.2012 and continuously at least:

– since 20 December 2007,
– since 1 January 2010, who prior to that date were granted a final decision on refusal to award the refugee status along with the expulsion decision,
– for whom on 1 January 2010 next proceedings for the award of the refugee status were carried out.

But when considering abolition, it is assumed that the foreigner’s stay is continuous unless the documentation specifies otherwise.

It will be possible to submit an application for legalisation of stay, the so-called abolition, since 01.01.2012 to 02.07.2012 to the Voivode with territorial jurisdiction for the foreigner’s place of residence.

Source: Office for Foreigners .